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Building Self-Esteem/Providing Support/Raising Awareness

Alopecia will never kill, it does not hurt and it’s not contagious. It only causes hair loss. What it does not do is Build Self-Esteem, Provide Support or Raise Awareness. The Children’s Alopecia Project (CAP) does that!

Your donation helps so much and directly used so a child with alopecia never has to pay to attend a CAP Kid Camp and Alopeciapalooza! For every $200 to $250 raised, one CAP Kid attends for free. It makes a difference, it is life changing, not just for the children but also for their parents and family.

Please visit and be as generous as you can, no amount is too little when it helps a child.

Remember, due to the generosity of our supporters, like you, we can continue to hold Alopeciapalooza and our CAP Kid Camps in North Carolina, Ohio, California and Colorado annually.

Thank you very much and know that your support is deeply appreciated.

Jeff Woytovich, Founder of CAP and a CAP Kid Dad

3 Keynote Speakers. 2 from Canada and one from Wilmington, NC! Register at and check out the breakout speakers, events and activities. #KevinBull #AnnieLeiding #AnthonyCarrigan #LauraHathaway just to name a few!